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Article: Winter Pamper Nights

Winter Pamper Nights


Home.  Door shut.  Fire on.  Dinner in the oven.  Now head for the bathroom and turn the hot tap on!  It’s time for some pampering, and nothing makes a self time night more welcome than a dark, chilly evening and the need for headspace after a busy day.  Truth is, most of us don’t pay enough attention to ourselves.  We are so occupied chasing our tails with work, family and life generally that we slip down our own list of priorities with alarming ease.  But staying in to give yourself some vital me time, whether it’s lying in the bath with a good book, or horizontal on the sofa with a face mask on, your feet up and some restorative leg cream on your pins to provide some comfort to those hardworking limbs, is essential to your wellbeing. 

Staying in is the new black.  It’s this season’s chic-est look.  It’s free and it brings enormous mind and body benefits.  It’s high time most of us made it more of a thing. 

How’s that bath looking?  Time to add a few drops of magic to the hot, comforting water, and if you’re anything like me you’re likely to need that magic to deliver a little deep cleansing support at this time of the year.  Indulging in rich festive fare and alcohol, alongside super busy days in the build up to Christmas, can leave the body feeling extra depleted.  A really good detoxifying oil, like our Cellu-Lite oil, in your bath will help to draw out the indulgences that rob your energy, make your system sluggish and give your skin and body a dull, pale pallor. 

Add a few drops of Cellu-Lite aromatherapy oil to the water and swirl them around, making a conscious effort to breathe in the scent.  As an aromatherapy oil, Cellu-Lite’s scent has therapeutic properties – it provides olfactive recovery while actively helping your body to deep cleanse with restorative oils like juniper, eucalyptus, lemon and Siberian fir.  It smells gorgeous too – uplifting, clean, energising.  Before you step into the bath reach for your body brush and flick it all over your body, from feet to thighs and hands to shoulders, to help the oil work extra hard. 

Body brushing is widely misunderstood as a practice.  The point of it is to help your body help itself to detoxify.  Body brushes are made to promote the lymph, the body’s own waste disposal network which runs just beneath your skin; they’re not made to ‘break up fat’, which is a prevailing myth.  In helping your lymph, however, with body brushing and bathing in detoxifying oil, you are encouraging your body to release the trapped fluid and toxins that make you feel sluggish and bloated.

Once out of the bath, towel dry quickly and apply plenty of moisturiser – always the best moment, when skin is warm and more receptive to absorb hydration.

Now apply a face mask – a hydrating one can never be a wrong choice at this time of the year – and choose a nail polish (festive red surely?) to put the finishing touches on your pamper night.  Once that’s on and dry, and your face mask removed, it’s time for a nutritious dinner (think cleansing and antioxidant with lots of dark green leafy vegetables and protein), and a cleansing mug of hot water with a slice of lemon in it to finish.  Turn in early to greet tomorrow as a shiny new version of you. 

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