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Professional Treatments

We practice our signature professional treatments privately by appointment in London and LA, and our speciality is in maximising the beauty and potential of every woman’s pins, whether for showing them off at red carpet events, by the pool, on the yacht or in any other situation that demands supreme confidence.


Our therapists have prepped hundreds of A-listers legs for the most high profile events from the Oscars to premieres, the BAFTAs and beyond. So we know all about transforming pins that need extra help fast because we’ve magicked so many into camera-ready killers, ready to walk that most scrutinised path – past the paparazzi – bare or covered, in heels or trainers, with dazzling assurance.

“It’s our speed dial expertise – our passion – making legs feel and look the best they’ve ever been for exposure and sheer feel good factor. I guarantee you’ll leave a session with our therapists minus an inch and with wings on your feet”.  Kate, founder

The Legology method is leaps ahead of other inch-loss and shaping treatments in the way it treats the lymph, the secret to your legs contours and comfort. We go deep with our specific massage movements, our unique Lymphology Method, to move and stimulate the system, deep cleansing the area around fat cells to bring cleanness and contour to uneven pockets of puff and cellulite. We shift bloated muffin tops, thighs, knees, ankles and even the tummy, refining the silhouette in one session and delivering a feeling of walking-on-air lightness and slenderness.

The Legology protocols have been a well-kept secret among women who know for many years. Now we’re ready to share two of them with everyone. Get ready to experience transformative results you’ve only ever dreamed of.


Vigorous deep tissue massage combined with cupping therapy, meridian clearing and deep lymphatic drainage to shift cellulite pockets, lighten and streamline heavy legs and puffy ankles. Inch loss guaranteed in one hour. For lasting results we recommend a course of 5 weekly treatments.   

£160 / 60 minutes 


Rhythmical anti-puff tummy and hips refining treatment with lymphatic drainage, compression, deep and light massage and foot reflexes to stimulate internal organs and flush out the excess fluids that cause bloat especially during menopause and peri-menopause. Visible flatter comfort and lightness in one hour.  

£160 / 60 minutes