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Caroline's Bundle

Sale price€121,95

Discover Caroline's favourite leg care routine.

Together, Exfo-Lite two salt scrub and Air-Lite contouring cream target leg fatigue, dryness and heaviness from fluid retention - those deeply unsexy leg issues, with high performance formulas containing the pioneering Lymphology® complex.

Delivering a kiss of colour, an uplifting citrus scent and energising, cooling benefits, Sun-Lite Sheer Lingerie For Legs is the skin finisher beauty daydreams are made of. This cool, subtly tinted cream is infused with a hint of pearl to give skin ‘un tocco del sole’ (‘a touch of sun’).

Exfo-Lite, a rich and crunchy rejuvenating mix of seasalt and detoxifying Himalayan pink salts, brings incredible softness, tone and glow to the skin. 

"The best exfoliator we've ever used" GET THE GLOSS

Air-Lite, a cream with deep drainage and anti-fatigue ingredients, goes deep to invigorate legs by boosting lymph and circulation to restore energy and lightness.

"A year-round game changer. Makes you feel like you can fly". OK MAGAZINE



Caroline's Bundle
Caroline's Bundle Sale price€121,95

How to Use

Apply to the entire leg daily from feet to tops of thighs.

Massage product well into skin. Use your thumbs to ‘push’ product up the backs of legs, gently massage behind knees, the sides of knees and thighs. The skin should look pink after massaging product into sides of thighs.

Air Lite Leg Cream Clinical Results

Clinical Results

Clinically proven to streamline and tone your silhouette

91% agreed that Air-Lite delivered a noticeable difference in 4 weeks

91% agreed that Air-Lite made their legs feel lighter

95% agreed that their skin felt hydrated

91% agreed that Air-Lite made their legs feel less puffy

91% agreed that Air-Lite makes the skin feel tighter

91% agreed that Air-Lite helped to reduce the visibility of imperfections caused by cellulite

*tested on 22 women in an independent clinical study.

Why We Love It

It’s out there in a class of its own!   There’s no other cream like it when it comes to restoring legs contours, lightness and energy. It not only makes deeply unsexy issues like heavy, puffy, tired and achy legs flexible but a joy to treat. The addiction is real! 

Cruelty-Free Sulphates-Free Phthalates-Free Safe To Use During Pregnancy


“How to get the most out of Air-Lite (and your legs)? Apply straight from the fridge to weary, puffy legs, then lie flat on the floor or your bed with your feet resting at right angles against the wall for 10 minutes. Instant leg and mind rejuvenation right there”.

Key Ingredients


Known for its antioxidant and exfoliant properties. Good for smoothing out and energising skin including bumpy areas found in cellulite.


Known for evening skin stone as well as having cleansing properties.


Not only known for it’s swelling reducing properties, it’s good for soothing swollen and puffiness in legs and ankles too.


Known for it’s potent anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a vasoconstrictor molecule which, can temporarily shrink blood vessels and as a result reduce puffiness.

“With its cooling sensation and fresh aromatic lemon scent, wearing Legology Air-Lite is like having wings for your legs. Nourishing and also silky soft to boot, it's the product you never knew you needed until now but will never be without ever again.”


“Tackle fluid retention with daily massages using Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs. You won’t regret it.”


“Legology Air-Lite gives good ‘slip’ so it’s perfect for a massage, plus its citrusy concoction will help to boost lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.”


"A treat for your body, this is a year-round game-changer. It's not just for summer, but whenever your legs feel heavy, tired or puffy."


“Legology Air-Lite, is great for in-flight and post flight as it stops legs feeling heavy – I use it from the chin down as it smells great and minimises water retention.”


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