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Article: Legs Talk: Liz Earle MBE

legs talk

Legs Talk: Liz Earle MBE

Legology Legs Talk Liz Earle

A global brand pioneer, Liz Earle MBE is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Liz Earle Wellbeing and hosts The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show podcast- a second or third career, if you like, after founding a pioneering global beauty brand, and winning many awards for her beauty and wellbeing output over the years including over 35 books on wellbeing and countless studied articles and broadcast pieces on key matters from menopause to sleep and gut health. She is also, I might add, the holder of the most fun annual Christmas carol service in aid of her humanitarian charity Live Twice, and a loyal, supportive friend and mentor.

There is, literally, no stopping this wellness wonder woman. And in between bringing us all of the above, in a passionate and therefore totally compelling way, she’s powering her way around her local park, wild swimming, or trailing the meadows around her Wiltshire home. I’ll let her tell you more about her walking habits, the music that makes her want to dance, her leg role model and more in this month’s Legs Talk. Over to Liz.

Where is your favourite walk and do you prefer a companion (dog, friend, children etc) or going solo?

I live in the West Country, so am a bit spoilt when it comes to good walks, although I was up in the Lake District recently and that is magical walking land. I went forest bathing, strolling for hours in silence through an ancient woodland, tuning in to the rhythm of the trees. So restorative. I love walking with any one of my five children too. I find that walking side-by-side, without having to make eye contact, is such a good way to broach more difficult subjects or have discussions without being confrontational.

What is your favourite jean style?

High waisted, slim fit (to make my legs look longer).

Where have your legs taken you today?

Down to the pond at the bottom of my garden for my regular early morning dip. This is my dawn ritual come rain, sunshine, or snow. I try to be outside as close to sunrise as possible to absorb as much of the sun’s energising near infra-red wavelength through my skin before the more damaging UV kicks in.


legology liz earle legs talk

What are your best tips for easing bloat/puffiness?

Intermittent fasting. I aim for a 16:8 window (a 16 hour fasting gap between last mouthful at night and first of the new day) but even 12:12 helps. I drink a couple of glasses of water with a teaspoon of electrolyte powder or pinch of rock salt first thing too.

Tell us about your leg care routine

Mine mostly comes from exercise as I do squats almost everyday as my main form of resistance training, either weighted squats using dumbbells for strength or 100 simple squats in my bedroom, still in my pyjamas. The repetitive up-down movement is good for the ageing brain too, as well as toning the legs.

What song makes your legs hit the dance floor?

Anything by Abba, obviously… I also ask the DJ to play We Are Family by Sister Sledge whenever my brother joins me on the dance floor, as he did at my recent 60th birthday party.

Who is your leg icon/leg role model?

Jennifer Lopez – I love her strength, vitality and energy. Such a positive role model for women in their late fifties and beyond.

legology liz earle legs talk legs

What makes you feel most confident about your legs (body care, exercise etc)?

I like having a bit of a tan, to be honest. If not the real thing, then I find that a hint of tint from Legology Sun-Lite is perfect for giving me a healthy glow and a bit more confidence.

You can find out more about the world of Liz Earle Wellbeing on their website here. And to subscribe to Liz’s fabulous wellbeing magazine head here for the latest magazine subscription offers (while stocks last!).

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