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Article: Meet The Festive Lites


Meet The Festive Lites


legology festive lites

Christmas is looming and if you haven’t already started gift shopping Legology has some inspiration for you!  This year, we’ve wrapped two of our heroes in gloriously festive feminine packaging ready to be slipped into a Christmas stocking or under the tree without further ado.  All you need to do is to write the gift tag!

legology air-lite contouring cream for legs


Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs delivers a day-long sensation of lightness to legs prone to heaviness and fatigue.  It’s made for women who spend the festive weeks busy making Christmas happen – shopping, cooking, decorating and not stopping until the last present has been unwrapped, the last meal cooked and the TV goes on.   

A key part of the Legology great legs regime, this aerated cream promotes the lymph and deep drainage to improve contours, lighten and tighten the entire leg. It also contains a special complex that relieves fatigue and the aches and pains that come from being on your feet all day.   

How wonderful then for the recipient of this limited edition to be able to apply a layer of Air-Lite before she puts her feet up and relaxes with everyone else? 

Legology Peach-Lite super lift for the derriere


Soft, firm and lifted.  What finer qualities can a derriere possess?  And this year Father Christmas is delivering these attributes on his sleigh!  The ideal recipient?  Peach-Lite Super Lift For The Derriere was made for the woman who works hard at the gym to keep her derriere in shape and wants to continue the good work in her bathroom with a high-performance cream to preserve that tone and suppleness.   

Or perhaps you know someone who is making a break for warmer destinations in the dreary weeks to come and needs a fast confidence-fix before slipping into a swimsuit?  This magic cream, enriched with actives to contour and care, will bring that often overlooked area of the body back to its soft, shapely glory fast. 

Like all of the Legology products, Peach-Lite contains a deep drainage complex, EcoSlim, to promote the lymph and refine the contours of congested areas.  We also added antioxidants to the formula to preserve skin, and ingredients that work to restore softness and firmness, giving a supple, lifted appearance to buttocks. 

Peach-Lite is much more than a nicely scented cream for your rear.  It’s a miracle worker which maximises those rear assets, bringing them back to peachy glory. 

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