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Article: Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite On Your Bum


Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite On Your Bum


Cellulite develops in areas of the body where we have a density of fat cells.  That’s why you see it on your thighs, upper arms, tummy and buttocks – areas where you have the most fat.  Hormones, especially oestrogen, are the reason for the way fat is distributed on the body, but the formation of cellulite – those familiar dimples – is not so simple as fat placement. 

What happens when cellulite forms is that trapped fluid and waste between the fat cells start to build in a way that pushes the cells out of alignment and against the connective tissue beneath your skin.  That’s why the overlying skin looks a bit puckered and uneven.  So it’s not fat that creates the dimples, it’s the way the cells are pushed by the matter trapped between them.   

How and why does that happen?  It all comes down to your lymphatic system, a network of vessels that run throughout your body and sweep away bacteria and other waste matter to lymph nodes, positioned in numerous places like under your arms and in your groin, to be filtered and eliminated from the body.  Few are even aware of its existence, let alone recognise its significance.  But lymph is brilliant – it’s your body’s very own waste disposal system – a bit like your blood circulation, except unlike blood flow it doesn’t have a heart to pump it around the body, it relies on you to be moving for it to move.   

That’s why, when we lead a sedentary life, we can be prone to cellulite.  But there’s more to its formation than that.  With age, skin loses thickness and elasticity, so it looks less smooth on top and underneath the fibrous bands between the cells gets looser and less able to hold the fat cells in place.  Both of these natural issues can cause cellulite to look more prominent.   

At the same time, blood flow and circulation are often more restricted in typical cellulite hotspots like the buttocks; and many of us sit down for the best part of the day on these very areas of the body.  That’s why being active, alongside eating the right diet and using creams and oils with deep drainage benefits, is so helpful in curbing and reducing cellulite. 


In the same way you reduce cellulite on your thighs, upper arms and tummy – with a lifestyle approach that involves being active, eating a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and salt, using products like Legology Cellu-Lite detoxifying oil and Peach-Lite firming cream, and having regular deep drainage massage. 

Some exercises are more helpful than others.  Fast running, to build length into thigh muscles and streamline glutes, and walking to strengthen the connection fibres that hold the fat cells in line, are excellent forms of activity to reduce cellulite on your bum.   

Legology also advocates body brushing with natural bristle brush, before, during or after a shower, or using an abrasive pad like Legology Buff-Lite to move the lymph and circulation and buff buttocks to smoothness.  Our tip is to use your brush after a shower, with a few drops of Cellu-Lite oil on the bristles, to get double the brushing and deep drainage benefits. 

Products like Peach-Lite, and certain foods – green leafy vegetables and dark fruits in particular – which are rich in antioxidants are a bonus.  Antioxidants preserve the integrity of skin, keeping collagen and the connective tissue strong.  Antioxidant flavonoids also enhance the strength of blood vessels, promoting circulation and lymph flow.  Even red wine, rich in antioxidants, can be helpful in moderation.  But smoking, which reduces the flow of blood, weakens the formation of collagen and can increase the appearance of cellulite.  So steer clear of cigarettes if you want a dimple-free bum! 

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