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Artículo: Legs Talk: Courtney Claghorn

legs talk

Legs Talk: Courtney Claghorn

legs talk courtney claghorn
Founder of Sugared + Bronzed the sugaring hair removal and sunless tanning destination that has taken America by a storm, joins Kate for this months edition of Legs Talk LA special. With locations across California, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas, Courtney has revolutionised airbrush tanning and the all- natural Egyptian form of hair removal to make you feel your absolute best. From offering tanning services at home in her Santa Monica apartment, to founding Sugared + Bronzed with Brittany Snow, Zooey Deschanel and Alyson Hannigan as clients, Courtney is a 4th generation female entrepreneur.

I know from reading up a little bit that you started very similar to how I did and many beauty entrepreneurs which is basically at your kitchen table. Can you remember those days? How do you feel when you think about that now?


It feels like yesterday in some ways, and then I also feel like 'oh my gosh we've come so far.'

When you're trying to relax, when you're trying to sort of stop thinking about work, do you walk? Do you walk Pepper and where do you take her?

Yeah, I love walking her when she's in a mood to behave which depends on the day. I love to walk too. We have a street called Montana Avenue here and it's just shops and restaurants and all the things I go to for beauty and what not and so I love to walk her over there.
cher annie lennox

I'm guessing there's no music going on while this is happening in your ears.

No, I realised early on with a puppy that that was quite difficult and that I was just talking to her most of the time anyway so I gave up with the Airpods.

So while on that music theme, is there a particular song or dance that makes you wanna hit the dance floor.

Oh anything 80's. Like we had 80's night when I was at university and I love 80's music.

So we're thinking Cher?

Sure yeah okay. Michael Jackson, Annie Lennox.

Have you got a leg icon?

I think my baby, I mean his legs are so soft, they're so chubby. I mean there's no cellulite.

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