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Article: Cellulite and Exercise


Cellulite and Exercise

cellulite exercise

Here at Legology, we know that cellulite is difficult to reduce but we also know that as part of a lifestyle approach – the only approach that really works for this issue – exercise is key. An inclusive leg care routine should include body brushing, massage and regular application of targeted products. The right leg care formulas will make a big difference to their overall appearance and how they feel.

Back to exercise. these are the 5 exercises that we know have the greatest impact on cellulite and heavy legs.


Any aerobic exercise is great because your cardiovascular system works with your lymphatic system. Rebounding is an exercise class involving a mini trampoline and it’s amazing for increasing the flow of your lymphatic system, which can lead to a reduction in cellulite. It also has a whole host of other benefits such as improving digestion and stimulating your metabolism. There are classes popping up all over the place but if you prefer exercising at home, you can buy a rebounder from about £30.00 and there are lots of workout videos to follow along on YouTube.


It’s no wonder that yoga is so popular when you see the extensive list of benefits for both you body and mind. As there tends to be a lot of up-side-down movements, twisting and stretching, yoga is a great exercise for moving lymph. Check out yoga brand, Gaia’s excellent article which includes a list of poses that are particularly effective at keeping your lymphatic system flowing. To start with, why not try the Legs Up the Wall pose? Here, gravity helps the circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid.


Ihave been walking instead of taking a short tube journey to the office recently and feel that it is really energising and sets me up for the day. Moving in the morning is especially important if you sit down a lot during the day because sitting doesn’t allow the lymph to drain. Why not try going for a walk on your lunch break? You can set reminders to move on your phone or Fitbit and taking a break for a short burst of light exercise will help your concentration too!

Strength Training

Firming the muscles under the cellulite will give it a smoother appearance. Lunges are an excellent exercise because there are so many variations that you can do to ensure that you are strengthening different muscles in your legs and glutes. For example, a curtsy lunge targets your glutes and a lateral lunge that works your inner and outer thighs. You can also power up the move by adding weights or a resistance band. Check out Legology on Instagram for our top 3 favourite moves with a resistance band!


Specialists often recommend cycling to lymphedema patients as a low impact exercise. It isolates your legs and glutes and the action of pedalling stimulates and aids lymphatic flow. Whether you want to hop on a stationary bike at the gym, go to a spinning class or take to the open-air, cycling is one of the most effective exercises for reducing cellulite and heavy legs

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