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Professional Treatments

Our professional Lymphology® streamlining treatments are now available with independent therapists in London (zones 1 & 2) and LA, practised in the privacy of your home.

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Professional Treatments
Professional Treatments Sale price$259.00
Legology lymphatic drainage massage


We believe that the lymphatic network, which mops up toxins and excess fluids as it travels around your body, is the key that unlocks the full potential of your figure.   

Lymph fluid runs just beneath your skin, sweeping waste products along to be filtered through hundreds of lymph nodes and metabolised. It’s an ingenious system but it has one weakness: it doesn’t move on its own. Unlike your blood circulation, lymph doesn’t have a heart to pump it around your body, so it relies on you to move or for it to be pushed along manually through massage or product application to flow well.

So keeping the lymph stimulated is the foundation step to keeping the contours of your legs – and the rest of your body – defined.  And this is why we place so much focus on it with our Lymphology® massage protocols and deep drainage product formulas

Legology Professional Treatments


Lymphology® is a system developed to manipulate the lymph to positively change your silhouette. Our products and protocols dissolve the congestion that builds up, triggering cellulite and the puffiness that makes legs feel heavy and tight and tummies feel bloated.
We’ve developed the Lymphology® professional treatments to deliver for every reason, whether you want to feel more trim for a one-off occasion or a holiday, or want to get on top of persistent bloating (often an issue during peri-menopause and menopause), feel less bloated and heavy-legged during pregnancy or after a long haul flight.

Kate Light Massage Therapist

Katie Light


The talent behind our treatment protocols, Katie is an advanced wellness therapist and coach with 30 years of experience in helping people of all ages achieve inner harmony and balance in life. A master in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Reiki teacher and very focused on breathwork and cranial sacral therapy. Katie is a shining and rare example of an intuitive therapist who is guided by instinct, skill and experience. She has developed the Lymphology® treatments and trained our therapists in the protocols we are incredibly proud to practice.  

"One of my passions is developing treatments that are effective, relaxing, restoring and deliver results. It’s been a privilege to develop some very effective treatments with Legology, working on the lymphatic system I have seen such great results with my clients using Legology products alongside these contouring and drainage treatment’s for the legs, glutes and stomach, I can’t wait for you to try them out."


"It's a vital part of Hollywood stars' red carpet prep - sculpting the legs to look their very best."


"For a powerhouse treatment designed to whip your legs into shape, look no further than Legology."



Our therapists have prepped hundreds of A-listers legs for the most high profile events from the Oscars to premieres, the BAFTAs and beyond. So we know all about transforming pins that need extra help fast because we’ve magicked so many into camera-ready killers, ready to walk that most scrutinised path – past the paparazzi – with dazzling assurance.

Legology Kirsten Stewart Oscars