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Article: Introducing Buff-Lite: The Deep Exfoliating Mitt


Introducing Buff-Lite: The Deep Exfoliating Mitt

Buff-Lite exfoliating shower pad

Look out, it’s behind you… Yes, I’m talking about your derriere, that body part that gets a cursory glance every so often and usually nothing like the attention it needs. Well, all that’s about to change because, in true Legology style, we’ve created another bathroom hero to save another bit of your body that beauty has forgotten.

Meet Buff-Lite Polishing Pad For The Derriere, the world’s first double cleanser exfoliating mitt for your rear. Buff-Lite is a polisher with purpose: it’s your cue to take buttock care up a notch and shift the congestion this area is prone to.  

It doesn’t involve anything more complicated than a dual-sided pad with ingenious fabric on each side to deliver multiple benefits – deeply cleanse, smooth and polish skin, while enhancing the lymph, the key to clean contours for every bottom shape and size. 

Two sides, many benefits.  

So how does this shower superpower work?

One, the flesh-coloured side, is crafted with an ingenious fine fibre fabric that gently abrades the skin, boosting the lymph and good drainage, and reaching down to deeply detoxify pores. The other, a fluffy candyfloss-pink side, works soap up into a rich lather to polish skin and prime it for product application.

No need to scrub or rub either side. Just massage in circles over buttocks, ‘thuttocks’ (upper thigh) and hips. 

Non-toxic and reusable, Buff-Lite is also certified plastic neutral, so for every sale of this little wonder we remove and recover as much nature-bound plastic as we use in the outer packaging. 

The daily routine for your exfoliating mitt.

Right, let the fight back on bumps and blips begin: get your exfoliating scrub mitt glove on and take these steps to transform your buttocks into soft, toned glory   

  1. Morning and/or evening, use wet or dry.  Before you turn on the shower or sit in the bath use the abrasive side first, moving it over hips and buttocks in small circles – you don’t need to rub hard as the fine abrasive fibres deeply cleanse and swoosh away dead cells with ease; extend the action to your ‘thuttock’ (where thigh meets buttock) and entire leg if desired. 
  2. Flip the pad, add soap and lather up the plush side to polish the same area, working over buttocks and hips (and upper thighs and legs if you want), allowing the fluffy fibres to go deep into pores and sweep out impurities.
  3. Step out of the shower, towel dry vigorously and apply Peach-Lite Super Lift For The Derrière  or Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs.

A superpower for your shower, pick up Buff-Lite, the exfoliating wash mitt, today help to smooth and tone your derriere. 


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