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Article: The Science Behind Our Contouring Bum Cream


The Science Behind Our Contouring Bum Cream

firming bum cream

Look out, it’s behind you! Yes, I’m talking about your bottom – that unique body part that varies greatly in size, shape and squishiness, and has a personality all of its own. Yet also so often forgotten. 

Like your legs, until Legology came along, the butt often gets a bit left behind in bathroom routines – certainly compared to the hours spent caring for skin or hair.  About time that changed right? We think so too. No matter what beautiful shape your derriere is – be it ‘bubble’, heart-shaped ‘V’ or square – skin softness, firmness and clarity are musts, and easy to achieve with the right science. 

Enter Peach-Lite Firming Cream For The Derriere!

The smart ass-et saviour for every butt, this contouring bum cream truly is the answer to a softer, firmer bottom. It’s the answer to more time spent on your bottom than your feet – a non-surgical butt lift in a jar, and it works like a dream, addressing skin and within. So what is the science behind our contouring bum cream? 

The Science

First up, as always with Legology, we aim to enhance natural shape. Our Lymphology Complex, included in all our products, promotes the lymph – the body’s natural waste disposal mechanism – to refine contours, dissolve congestion and puff.  This is achieved with a blend of ingredients such as streamlining caffeine and firming Brazilian guarana, softening and hydrating peach kernel and regenerative pomegranate, full of age-defying antioxidants to fight skin slackness and dullness.  

The Ingredients

Legology has put more focus than other beauty companies on these ingredients.  We’ve ensured that they are the most potent properties to deliver maximum benefits.  Our caffeine, for example, is extracted from raw ‘green’ coffee beans which, combined with phospholipids, enable better absorbency, delivering the most effective streamlining results.

We use Brazilian guarana – not just any guarana, the real deal – which is also rich in caffeine, a brilliant cellulite-busting and butt-firming agent, and renowned for its metabolism-raising and weight-loss benefits. Lastly, another key ingredient is peach kernel oil – wonderfully softening and hydrating, it also improves elasticity which is especially useful for more mature skins. 

Best applied after exfoliating, body brushing or buffing the buttocks, this butter-rich, pure white cream melts quickly into skin and scents with our uplifting lemony fragrance, Capri Crush.

How To Use

  1. Massage over each buttock in a circular motion from the ‘thuttock’ (where thigh meets buttock) to hips and over muffin top daily. 
  2. Maximise the benefits by applying over an application of Cellu-Lite, and after exfoliating, body brushing or buffing. 

So, there you have it - the science behind our wonderfully soothing Peach-Lite bum firming cream. It doesn’t stop with our bum cream either. Take a look through our entire derrière collection today to discover the true benefits of Legology products.

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