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Article: Does Cellulite Go Away?


Does Cellulite Go Away?

cellulite go away

One of the biggest mistakes many make when trying to lose cellulite is to assume that it will disappear when you do one thing – either diet, workout more, or use a cream and body brush. All of these things will help, and might even significantly reduce it, but none of them alone can make cellulite go away. To shift cellulite, you must adjust your lifestyle so you are doing all of these things in tandem. Don’t worry – this isn’t as hard as it sounds and will maximise your chances of reducing and even removing cellulite. 

So yes, cellulite does go away, but it needs an inclusive approach and tweaks to your lifestyle.  And the most important thing you can do before you embark on that lifestyle change is to understand how and why cellulite forms in the first place. 

How does cellulite form?

While the top influences – hormones, genes, activeness and a carbohydrate-rich diet – affect us all in different degrees, the main contributor – a sluggish lymph – affects everyone who has cellulite, irrespective of shape, size and fitness levels. 

So what is the lymph?  Like your circulation, lymph travels around your body in a network of vessels and its role is to remove waste from the system to lymph nodes so it can be metabolised and removed from the body.  Unlike your circulation though, lymph doesn’t have a heart to pump it around the body. It only moves when you do, so if you’re not moving enough your lymph isn’t working efficiently, and if your lymph isn’t working efficiently your body isn’t cleansing itself well.

Why do you get cellulite? 

Well, let’s think about what happens to that leftover waste that the lymph hasn’t been able to filter. The only place it can go if it’s not eliminated is back into the system and that’s when it finds a home in places like the space around your fat cells. When that happens, it crowds the fat cells and pushes them out of alignment, and then the skin above appears bumpy, and this is what we call cellulite. 

How to treat cellulite

So, to treat it, you need to detoxify the body and keep the lymph active. And this is where your lifestyle comes in. Eating the right cleansing foods, exercising, drinking plenty of water to dilute and support the lymph, body brushing and using detox oils and creams will all help to do this. 

So, does cellulite go away? Yes, very much so, but the key to cellulite reduction is the approach you take. At Legology, we have a range of products, including Cellu-Lite and Air-Lite, that help with cellulite reduction, each using the most effective ingredients possible.

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