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Article: How Does Body Brushing Keep You Trim?


How Does Body Brushing Keep You Trim?

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How the body brush streamlines and softens your body 

Can it really give the incredible results wellbeing gurus claim – everything from a slimmer body, to better toned skin, improved energy and more positive mindset?  In this age of hi-tech gadgets I think people are surprised that such a simple tool can do all this.  But it can!   


Here’s how. 

First up, body brushing can’t break up fat.  But it can improve body contours and reduce cellulite by helping to remove fluid that gets trapped around the fat cells.  This is what causes cellulite.  Fat cells get surrounded by excess fluid that should have been removed by the lymph, the body’s natural waste disposal system.   

Lymph is key to the shape of your body.  It runs around the entire body and takes away waste to be metabolised by lymph nodes and flushed out by the liver.  But to do its job well it needs you to be active, because it only moves when you move.  So if you spend a lot of the day sitting or standing still your lymph will slow down.  Then it becomes sluggish and waste starts to build up in tissues and around fat cells.  That’s why we sometimes feel bloated or puffy.  That’s why you get cellulite. 

Alongside movement, dry body brushing is the best way to get the lymph moving.   

That’s why if you do it every day before, during or after a shower you’ll quickly see at least 5 key differences in the way you look and feel: 

  1. Cellulite looks better because the congestion that pushes fat cells out of line and causes the dimples has been reduced.
  2. Skin is more toned because the circulation is raised and fresh, nutrient rich blood has risen to the skin’s surface, plumping it up.
  3. Skin is softer because the bristles are abrasive just like body scrubs. 
  4. Energy levels are higher because the lymph and circulation are improved. 
  5. The knock on effect of all of this is increased positivity and confidence. 

Worth a try?   

A dry body brush costs a fraction of the cost of an expensive body massager or lympatic treatment, but it works harder and the effects go a lot further.   

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