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Article: Legs Talk: Patsy Palmer

legs talk

Legs Talk: Patsy Palmer

patsy palmer legs talk

Patsy Palmer, actress, DJ and founder of Good And Proper Hair and Good And Proper Retreats - there's not a thing this woman can't do! However, to many she is remembered as EastEnders' notorious Bianca Jackson, having graced our TV screens in homes up and down the land over the decades. She's a true British icon - indeed, a national treasure - who we all know and love, and we were honoured to join her at home in Los Angeles recently for a Legs Talk LA special. Come with us as Patsy tells Kate about her walking habits in Malibu, who her leg icon is, and the tips and tricks to having a head of incredible hair just like hers with help from Good And Proper.

Where do you walk?

I walk from my house down the hill, I walk along Malibu Road or I walk along the beach when the tide is out but only when the tide is out otherwise you will get stuck.

Do you come down here in the evening?

Yeah, we always take the dogs out after we’ve had dinner, so we always walk then. So yeah, if the weather is like this, but sometimes in the winter it’s not so you can’t get down here.

Have you got a leg icon?

I have got a leg icon, it’s so strange I will tell you the story. I was playing charity netball years and years ago and Penny Lancaster was playing and her legs! She was very tall, but oh my she is stunning, and her legs were something else.

What songs makes your legs dance.

I’m a DJ so dancing is my thing and I’m sure it gets my legs going. But my favourite song to dance to I think is ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie’ because the beginning of that gets me every time, it’s a great track.


Tell us about your brand.

It’s a hair care line that I use on my hair. I’ve got a philosophy that everyone’s been talking very kindly to my hair for years, they speak to it, it’s a living organism, so it’s like if you’re talking to someone through their ears you can hear it. So, I just have this philosophy that if you speak kindly to yourself, then you speak kindly to your hair, your hair will grow. The products are all about hair regrowth and it’s about regrowth as a whole person because each product has its own guided meditation with it. I just want people to connect the brand with giving yourself 3 minutes, a little bit of time every day to mediate and repeat mantras.

You were talking about earlier how you love a head massage, so is there a hair mask in the range?

There’s a hair mask, you can either put it on at night, you can put it on dry hair and sleep in it, you can put it on your hair after you’ve styled it to take the frizz out, you can put it on your ends for 20 mins- I’d leave it on for about 15-20 mins and it really is amazing. And hair oils as well, when you roll them on your scalp you can just close your eyes and listen to the guided meditation. Lisa L’Ainson is the voice of the guided meditation, and she has the best voice in England, so I was very lucky.

Now tell me, you have a retreat coming up?

Yes, I have a retreat on the 29th of February. This is our first Good And Proper retreat in Portugal, and we have lots of amazing things lined up, it’s a transformative retreat.

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