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Article: Start Your New Year On The Right Foot With Our Cellulite Plan


Start Your New Year On The Right Foot With Our Cellulite Plan

new year cellulite plan

Started 2023 with yet another new diet/alcohol-free/exercise filled new year?  I admire you if you did – personally I find it hard to start anything new (except a notebook) at the start of the year.  So if, like me, you’re waiting for the first hint of spring to give you the impetus to start a cellulite-blitzing plan, here are a few recommendations on how to get yourself into the right head space. 


Eating to reduce cellulite is much more simple than many realise.  As a basic rule of thumb you need to focus on getting more protein than carbohydrate (sugar, starch), with plenty of green and watery vegetables, sufficient fibre and plenty of water.  We recommend starting your day with a bowl of oat bran with yoghurt or skimmed milk, to give you the right carbohydrate boost, so add those to your shopping list, along with chicken, fish, eggs and vegetables like cucumber, broccoli and kale.  Try to leave anything processed, overly salty or buttery out of your shopping basket, heading instead to the water cabinet for a pack of still mineral water bottles – you’ll be drinking at least 1.5 litres of it every day.


Or your walking/running/dancing shoes, wellies even!  When you follow the Cellulite Plan one of the most important parts of it is to increase your daily activity in order to promote the lymphatic system.  This is key to getting the trapped fluid that causes cellulite moving.  Aim for 8000 steps a day, then move it up to 10,000.  Or plan to learn something new – a dance, Pilates or yoga class.  As long as you are moving it’s all good, put it in your diary! 


Legology Air-Lite and Cellu-Lite and body brush (or massage cup) at the ready: you’ll be using these daily for the next 8 weeks. 


Never a bad idea in life to keep a journal, especially when you’re doing it for a finite time and during a time of change.  A few bullet points before you switch off the light at night on how you feel, what you managed to triumph at (be it running an extra lap of the park or resisting toast and marmite at tea time with the children) and what you might have struggled with, all help to maintain impetus and commitment to the plan. 


Legology doesn’t believe in denying yourself occasional treats – there’s generally a dark chocolate bar that goes around our office at 4pm in the office, and it’s important to partake.  So whether it’s a frothy skinny latte, a square of dark chocolate, a hot bath in scented bubbles or a new pair of shoes, make sure you treat yourself regularly.   

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