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Article: Body Image Confidence


Body Image Confidence

body image confidence blog

So much to say on this, but keeping it specific to Legology – leg care and cellulite – let me be clear that our brand offers solutions for all women, irrespective of culture, age or size, because we know that cellulite and fluid retention affect most of us no matter who we are These issues are undemocratic in the bodies they choose, which is why every Legology solution is developed to serve every woman and enhance her confidence. 

The important thing to remember about cellulite and fluid retention, two issues that are closely linked, is that they have little, if anything, to do with weight.  For some reason though, both (cellulite more so) are associated with weight, or to be specific, being overweight.  Fat is fat, people say.  To which I’d agree.  But cellulite is not fat!  Cellulite describes an environment more than a condition; it refers to the prevalence of fluid existing around fat cells which can be greater or lesser at any given time.  Cellulite is the symptom of a sluggish, congested lymph, not the result of overindulgence (if that’s something to be ashamed of).  So the way we view it needs to change. 

It’s a very undemocratic beauty issue too, settling on an alleged 90% of female bodies in a seemingly random way that is decided by a combination of factors from genetics to hormones and how much exercise you take, or not.  So you can’t be anything other than inclusive if you are a brand that delivers a solution to it. 

And many women do want that solution.  The trouble with cellulite is that it has an impact on shape and the silhouette.  And while that may not be much of an issue to someone who is tall or broad and can carry it more easily, the way cellulite affects the line of the body can be a different story for someone who is shorter or particularly lean otherwise and finds it harder to hide and dress around.  Either way, the truth is that whatever shape or size we are, many of us don’t want cellulite or the fluid retention that goes with it.  And this is where Legology comes in.  Our aim is to provide a solution to those looking to reduce their cellulite and improve the health of their legs, regardless of shape, size or even race: cellulite is more common among white European ethnicities than Asian or black women.   

Through our solutions, we aim to help all women feel more confident.  I say this because it’s important to manage expectation where shifting cellulite goes.  It is possible to clear it completely, but it’s more likely that you will improve on it (and very often even a small improvement to the skin/cellulite is enough to feel it’s no longer an issue) and to manage it in much the same way you would dry skin or brittle nails.  We can give you the foundation steps to reducing it, and through these steps you will learn what works best for your body.   

Bear in mind, however, that much of what we have or who we are physically is genetically predisposed.  It’s determined by our parents and that foundation is impacted by internal and external influences like lifestyle (how active you are, the diet you eat and so on) and hormones to a greater or lesser extent.   

Genetics are not within our control, so if your legs are naturally shorter or longer, you tend to carry weight around your waist, your ankles are thicker than your friend’s, this is who you are and it can’t be changed.  Hormones impact at different times in life too – during puberty (when cellulite first appears), pregnancy and menopause, and you’ll notice the changes this activity makes to your body. 

Understanding the impact that these influences have on your cellulite and/or fluid retention, and the positive effects more exercise, a better diet and great drainage creams or oils like Air-Lite and Cellu-Lite have, is the first (big) step to making the improvements you are personally looking for.  Legology is made to support you. 

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