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Article: Why Our Buttock Firming Cream Is The Best


Why Our Buttock Firming Cream Is The Best

best buttock cream

Bottom, butt, booty, backside .. whatever you like to call it, it’s the body part that has hijacked the beauty headlines recently alongside a tidal wave of new products with incredible rear-enhancing claims.  Question is, how exactly do these new bum creams work – do they do what they claim or is it all hype?  And if they do live up to their claims how do they do that – what exactly are in these magical formulas?  Well I’ve done some digging on your behalf and can bring you the whole story.

Bum creams seem to have two main aims – to either make your backside bigger or more streamlined, but whatever the aim, most also promise lifting benefits too.

Whatever outcome you’re after, there are a few fundamentals to bear in mind about the physiology of our buttocks and skin.  The bottom line is that both have an impact on how (or whether) products work no matter how good products claim to be.

Your buttocks are formed by the gluteal muscles – the glutes, which help move the hip joint and stabilise the pelvis to maintain posture and balance.  There are three sets of glutes, the maximus, minimus and medius, and different exercises – like squats, lunges and leg lifts – strengthen them.  Regular activity in general is essential to maintain the shape and tone of your bottom, with or without products.  But lifting and shaping butt creams are an extra bonus if you’re after visible booty gains.

So the best way to use products that work to enhance the shape and tone of your buttocks is with a regular exercise programme.  Even better if those creams contain the right ingredients and are supported by clinical evidence that proves they work.

Among the ingredients found in butt lift creams are those that are said to stimulate the production of fat cells to enhance the size and shape of buttocks.  While these creams won’t supercharge the growth of your rear, they may improve the surface texture and tone, they’re not a substitute for regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Other products contain ingredients that focus on the skin specifically like hyaluronic acid, which has a plumping effect on skin, and guarana seed extract, which wakes up and energises tired skin, giving it a refreshed, firmer and healthier appearance. 

Most effective are creams which give buttock streamlining and skin enhancing benefits.  Look for those with ingredients like caffeine, potassium and goldenrod, or specific contouring complexes like Ecoslim, which is at the heart of the Legology formula for Peach-Lite Super Lift For The Derriere.  This lightly whipped cream was also created with antioxidant fruit extracts, to lift, smooth and preserve skin. 

Tested by women across the world, and loved by body conscious celebrities, Peach-Lite is unique because it provides solutions inside and out to common issues like poor and slack skin texture and tone to loss of shape and puffiness around the hips (our good friend the muffin top).  It does this with nature’s most potent ingredients – stimulating Brazilian guarana and caffeine, antioxidant-rich pomegranate, peach extract and nourishing mango butter. It’s the peachy little lift your derriere needs.

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