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lymphatic system legology

What Is The Lymphatic System?

What is the lymph and how can we support it? Legology founder, Kate Shapland, helps explain all about the lymph and what we can do to support the lymphatic system.

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heavy lower legs
Heavy Legs

Heavy Lower Legs? Meet The Ankle Makers

There are three key influences on the shape of your calf and ankle: genetics, fluid retention and weight. Find out more and how to tackle each of them separately here.

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Dry Legs

The Best Skincare Routine For Your Legs

Here at Legology, our mission is to make leg care as much part of your daily bathroom routine as skin and hair care.  Even if it’s just a quick flick of the body brush or a sweep of nourishing crea...

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Overriding Menopause Weight Gain

Weight loss resistance is nearly always hormonally based in women, and this is especially true around menopause. Read more to understand the relationship between menopause and weight gain and how t...

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reduce cellulite

The Results Are In: Legology Products Are Now Proven To Help Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite

When I set out to create the Legology brand I was determined to develop leg care products that were different to everything that had gone before. My formulas would be groundbreaking – a properly ...

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cellulite essential oils

Which Essential Oils Help Reduce Cellulite?

Aromatherapy oils are a natural way to address cellulite-related concerns. Learn more in this blog article which essential oils help reduce cellulite, with a specific focus on lemon and grapefuit.  

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end of menopause

What Signals The End Of Menopause?

When you are going through the menopause it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s important to know that there is an end to it.

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heavy legs

Why Do Legs Get Heavy?

This is what Legology was created to tackle...

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cellulite go away

Does Cellulite Go Away?

Wondering how to make cellulite go away? This post answers the question - can cellulite go away - what you need to know about this condition.

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summer legs

On The Boards For Strong Summer Legs

This is the year you should slip into a wetsuit, grab a board and sprint into the sea or a river.

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why exfoliate more

Skincare FAQS: Why Should You Exfoliate And More

Here’s a factoid: did you know that your skin exfoliates all by itself? Yes, all day every day (and night) your skin sheds its dead cells naturally. It’s just another way your body is clever abou...

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Restless Legs
restless legs

Restless Legs

Are you one of the many people who wake up throughout the night with fidgety, itchy legs and an overwhelming urge to move your limbs?  This is a problem that affects both men and women and most...

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