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kates coastal walk

Kate's Best Coastal Walks

Nothing like a good hike to put you in a better mood. Walking gets feel good endorphins going, it clears your head and you always get home in a better mood. When it comes to coastal adventures,...

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Overriding Menopause Weight Gain

Weight loss resistance is nearly always hormonally based in women, and this is especially true around menopause. Read more to understand the relationship between menopause and weight gain and how t...

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cholesterol and legs legology

Cholesterol And Your Legs

High cholesterol can lead to blocked arteries which has been shown to have impacts on the supply of blood to the legs. Read on to discover how high cholesterol can affect your legs.

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benefits of vitamin sea blog legology

The Benefits Of Vitamin Sea

Seawater delivers just the right refreshing blast of cool you need after running across hot sand and feeling the sun on your skin. There are other reasons to make a run for sea besides cooling ...

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tweaks lighten menopause

3 Eating And Lifestyle Tweaks To Lighten Menopause

Discover the 3 simple ways to, literally and metaphorically, take the weight off of menopause.

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